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pansycouncil's Journal

The Pansy Council
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When brute strength and raw steel are not enough...in the end, it's always the pansy sensitive intelligent guy who saves the day. Together, we're unstoppable if we ever stop whining about our eyeliner or our abusive parents and get anything DONE, anyway.

Look! Our debut! The One Zoot Suit of Evil!! And our current membership:

  • Faramir -- the Pansy of Gondor (our founder)
  • Aratan -- the Pansy of the Sons of Isildur
  • Atanalcar -- the Pansy of Numenor
  • Bingo Bolger-Baggins -- the Rough-Draft Pansy
  • Celeborn -- the Pansy of Doriath
  • Elijah Wood -- the Slash Pansy
  • Elphir -- the Pansy of Dol Amroth
  • Erchirion -- the other Pansy of Dol Amroth
  • Elrohir -- the Pansy of Rivendell
  • Frodo Baggins -- the Pansy of the Shire
  • Gil-Galad -- the Pansy of Lindon
  • Halbarad -- the Pansy of the Dunedain
  • Irmo -- the Divine Pansy of the Valar (honorary)
  • Legolas -- the Pansy of Mirkwood
  • Maedhros -- the Pansy of the Sons of Feanor
  • Morgoth -- the Pansy of Evil
  • Rumil -- the Pansy of Lothlorien
  • Theodred -- the Pansy of the Mark
  • Tilion -- the Pansy of the Maiar
  • Tulkas -- the Pansy of Valinor